Repairing broken trust

About this module

In this experiential learning module on Repairing Broken Trust, the learner takes on the role of a high-performing employee at Mermaid Capital, a small fintech startup whose mandate is to offer growth capital to eCommerce companies. Due to their dedicated work over the last year, the learner has recently been promoted to the role of product manager and will be leading the integrations team at Mermaid Capital. They will be replacing the former product manager, Doug Kassian, who resigned from the company due to personal differences. Despite the team consisting of high performing employees, their recent performance as a group has waned (the team missed their quarterly targets despite a booming e-commerce industry) and there seems to be an undercurrent of dissatisfaction and a lack of team cohesiveness.

In their new role, the learner reports to Fatima Nasser, the head of growth at Mermaid Capital.  Fatima has tasked the learner with bringing the performance of the team back to where it used to be. To achieve this goal, Fatima suggests that the learner reaches out to each individual team member to understand what has caused their team’s performance to decline.

As the learner interacts with each team member, they encounter a broad range of leadership challenges, from repairing broken trust, to a scenario where the learner’s professional ethics are called into question.

Subject Matter Expert

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Learning objectives

Throughout this learning module, the learner will:
  • Recognize their own influence as a leader, learn how to manage this influence as well as the influence of others
  • Evaluate personal leadership strengths and challenges effectively and accurately
  • Demonstrate decision making skills while considering ethical compliance
  • Establish and repair trust in the team

Skills experienced and assessed

  • Setting a positive climate
  • Being approachable
  • Providing feedback
  • Providing the opportunity to share
  • Decision making
  • Professional ethics
  • Effective communication
  • Repairing broken trust
  • Taking responsibility

Learning outcome

The Repairing Broken Trust experiential learning module will provide learners with an opportunity to recognize, develop and refine one’s leadership influence in order to help individuals and teams reach their full potential.


The learning module will take learners 1 to 2 hours to complete.

Implementation options for higher education

Ametros modules can be easily integrated into an existing course or program via LTI 1.3.  Modules can be implemented in several ways including the following:

  1. The module can run asynchronously on-demand without instructor involvement.
  2. The module can run asynchronously with instructor involvement. The instructor can choose to provide additional student feedback at an interaction level.