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At Ametros, we're pioneering a new era of teaching and learning. Our cutting-edge generative AI technology is redefining education, empowering educators to craft personalized, plagiarism-resistant teaching and assessments for every subject.

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Technology and Pedagogy at its Best

Our platform engages students through AI-driven, dialogue-based interactions featuring generative teaching assistants and role-play characters. We employ proprietary neural networks, algorithms, and a robust language model to comprehensively assess students' knowledge, understanding, and skills. Our unique "scenario" and dialogue-structured interaction approach ensures assessment integrity while maximizing student engagement and outcomes.

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One to one Teaching and learning at scale

In every application, we tailor interactions to match each learner's knowledge and areas for improvement, fostering profound engagement and feedback. Our interactions offer a learning-process-based assessment and feedback mechanism that can be efficiently delivered, even amidst high student-to-instructor ratios. This empowers educators to adeptly assess student progress and deliver personalized feedback, enhancing the learning experience.

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Unlock the Power of Dialogue-Based Interactions

Enhanced Student Engagement: Our process-based teaching and assessments heighten student involvement, making learning more exciting and effective.
Improved Student Outcomes: Through scaffolded learning and continuous personalized feedback, we drive better results, ensuring students reach their full potential.
Higher Student Completion Rates: Early identification of at-risk students guarantees more learners achieve their goals, boosting completion rates.
Customer story
“Ametros worked with us to transform our Bachelor of Commerce program capstone. Together, we pioneered a unique AI-powered  'virtual co-operative program'. Ametros exceeded my expectations, empowering students to excel and become future-ready leaders. A game-changer in education!"
Dr. Deborah C. Hurst
Professor, Work and Organization Theory
Faculty of Business
Athabasca University

Seamless Integration with Your Digital Ecosystem

Ametros is your partner in seamless integration. We work hand in hand with educators to craft multiple dialogue-based interactions that perfectly complement your course content. These assessments seamlessly weave into the learning journey, requiring no additional teaching resources. With easy integration via API keys, educators can effortlessly enhance their existing assessment activities with AI-driven tools, elevating the learning experience for their students.

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Tailored AI-Powered Interactions: Your Versatile Educational Tool

Promote Knowledge and Understanding: Engage in personalized discussions with a generative role-play character or TA to deepen your understanding of key concepts.
Assess Critical Thinking: Test the application of knowledge through interactive role-playing with generative characters. Our assessments can serve as both formative and summative evaluations.
Assess Knowledge Proficiency: Measure knowledge and understanding of essential concepts through personalized, interactive check-ins with generative TAs. Our assessments also serve both formative and summative purposes.
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